Moon Sister Circle 20/09/2020

You are the litt­le girl, you are the nur­tu­ring mother, you are the old wise woman, you are the queen, you are the war­ri­or, you are the wild woman,
you are the destroy­er, you are the crea­trix, you are the main­tai­ner. And you are ever­ything, you are the goddess.Let’s come tog­e­ther in loving sister­hood to be nur­tu­red in each others pre­sence, to be seen, to be heard, to sha­re, to listen, to move, to sing, to dance, to medi­ta­te and dream our dreams tog­e­ther. And to con­nect to all the dif­fe­rent aspects wit­hin us that make us a WOMAN.

This month we want to work with the arche­ty­pe of
))) THE RESTORER OF HARMONY & BALANCE (((When our bodies and ener­gies are in balan­ce, we con­nect with your­sel­ves and with the outer world in such an expan­ded, nou­ris­hing and uplif­ting way. Elis­sa gui­de us through a beau­ti­ful cha­kra balan­cing yoga flow!

:: Sharing Cir­cles
:: Cha­kra Activa­ti­on Yoga Flow
:: Soun­d­ing & Vibra­ti­ons Sin­ging
:: Brea­thwork
:: Gui­ded Cha­kra Medi­ta­ti­ons
:: Con­nec­ting with other Women»++ B R I N G ++«
:: Com­fy Clo­thes
:: Water bot­t­le
:: Jour­nal & Pen»++ E X C H A N G E ++«

Fr. 40.- (cash or twint)»++ S I G N U P ++«
Adress: Die­ner­stras­se 14–7, 8004 Zürich

Plea­se send us an email to reser­ve your spot at:
Plea­se let us know if your plans chan­ge asap, so may­be ano­t­her sister can have your spot!!

Much Love Rossa­na & Elis­sa